4 thoughts on “hello!

  1. I like your unpretentious, profoundly naive style. That’s a compliment in case of doubt. And it’s not related to the fact that we might be related in, um, ask Susanna how many minutes/hours/day/months that might be…

  2. Yeah, I use the word naive, but i’m not suggesting you are that for one minute. I love your stuff, and the way you are making everyday words and phrases, that we are sometimes over familiar with, into something fresh and new. It’s…well, refreshing.

    • Yeah, don’t worry (be happy) I didn’t think you were saying I was naive, really appreciate this kind of feedback. I know what I try to do and say with my art, I’m just not very good at articulating it. I’m glad it’s coming across and you’re able to explain to me just what it is! 🙂

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