gifs that keep giving #3


gifs that keep giving #3

#3: “there is no one alive who is youer than you” – Dr. Seuss

I think I’ve realised that the main goal I have with my work is that I just want to make art that makes people happy!

This one was tricky. With my ‘animation station’ as it is currently, the camera and tripod are always in the way, making positioning myself directly over the canvas quite awkward. This somewhat restricts what I can do with the animation. Maybe I need to alter my setup, something to try out on the next one.

gifs that keep giving #2


gifs that keep giving - #2

#2: “don’t worry, be happy” – Meher Baba

This project is so much fun.

I read recently about the way that artists like Joni Mitchell, Bob Pollard and Woody Allen manage to do so much work. They adopt a technique called ‘chain smoking’. They never actually stop making art, instead just go straight from one project to the next. The idea is that whatever they feel is the weak link in their last project provides the inspiration for the next. I think I’m going to try and adopt that attitude for my art in future. This second instalment in my project definitely does things that I felt didn’t work with the first, but I think there’s still so much potential to create something more, can’t wait to get started on the third!

gifs that keep giving #1



#1: “a simple hello could lead to a million things” – author unknown

This is the first of my new project – ‘gifs that keep giving’. It’s going to be a series of animated gifs bringing to life some of my favourite quotes. I’ve been wanting to get back in to stop motion animation for ages and this seemed like a nice way to do it. I thought I’d keep it simple with this first one, will probably do more than just text in future.